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BETA WARNING: This is a one-person project. I test all the cases I can
think of, ship the software, and then discover cases I didn't think of.
Treat your files with care. I am using Cheix on my normal installation.
But I treat it like Beta.

---------------- BETA RELEASES ---------------------

Sun 29, Jul 2012, 17:29:34 - beta 22
        * fixed a message typo in cheix_admin
        * improved admin docs
        * corrected an error in the INSTALL file

Wed 25, Jan 2012, 21:39:30 - beta 21
        * recompressed msmtp pkg from txz to tgz format

Tue 24, Jan 2012, 12:15:28 - beta 20
        * updated rho, clex, msmtp pkgs

Sun 20, Nov 2011, 11:51:52
	* refinements to lput and lget

Sat 5, Nov 2011, 09:22:48 - beta 19
	* added ap/diffutils to the package list
	* added note to mkinitrd use in INSTALL

Wed 2, Nov 2011, 11:26:05
	* added Locale note to INSTALL file

  Bash aliases were added for cheix_home (get, put) and cheix_storage
  (sget, sput) which mesh with the lput/lget utilities.  The user docs
  were updated to reflect this addition.

  Reworked rc.6|K|M|S.  Elements moved to rc.cheix.cheix_restart() are
  marked "CHEIX moved" and commented out.  Elements not used in basic
  Cheix are blocked by a bounding if statement marked "CHEIX blocked".
  Other Cheix alterations are marked "CHEIX" and have brief explanatory
  comments.  Cheix header element added to these files.

  Added instructions for changing passwords to the user docs.  Briefly
  expanded the index page of the docs.

2011-10-28 - beta 18
  Fixed some errors in admin.html of the docs. 

2011-10-28 - beta 17
  The glibc-zoneinfo package was added to the GUST list.
  The /storage directory tree is now owned by user.
  The /storage/arcs directory was added to
  The user and admin docs have been updated and expanded.

  The cheix_home script was made non-interactive.  2skel,
  lput and lget were added to /usr/local/bin.

2011-10-27 - beta 16
  Added msmtp Slackware package and user's .msmtprc
  ca-certificates pkg added to gust list
  Added user's .mailrc for mailx using ssl

  The Cheix run-control and admin elements have been completely integrated
  into the run-control system.  This affects rc.S|M|K|6. Two scripts,
  rc.cheix and rc.freememd were introduced. The cheix_admin script was
  completely rewritten.  The docs,, and the INSTALL file
  were updated.
  In, a link from rho to emacs was added for emacs users.

2011-10-25 - beta 15
  added example lilo.conf to /root/install
  improved INSTALL file
  removed screen from root's .bash_login

  split freememd into freememd and mem_mon
  put freememd into /etc/rc.d/rc.S
  added bat_mon
  put bat_mon and mem_mon into .screenrc
  added doc tree and mailing list to website	

  added rho for emacs users, .rhorc for root/user
  added /mnt/hd|cdrom|memory|usb to tmpfs's /mnt
  added cdrom, sd card, cdrom, and usb (sdc) to /etc/fstab
  cheix_admin preserves /var's state
  created Slackware packages for boypages, clex, and rho
  updated for packages
  updated INSTALL

  commented out final swapon in rc.S
  silenced rm calls in cheix_admin
  cosmetic changes to boot messages in rc.S
  remove store-to-arcs in cheix_storage as redundant

2011-10-21 - beta 14
  fixed rm call in cheix_storage
  reduced relocations from /etc to /var/etc/resolv.conf|random-seed
  altered cheix_admin so that it mounts/remounts /, /boot, and /var
  updated admin docs for handling /var and /tmp
  added /root/skel to create /storage/skel dir

2011-10-21 - beta 13
  Cheix image booting from a USB device using LILO in USB's MBR.
  In rc.S, added a remount of / to readonly because the kernel
  modules mount the USB readwrite before the fsck check comes in.
  Fixed the creation of user's password in
  Chowning halt and reboot to 4755 for user convenience.
  The cheix_admin script now mounts and remounts both / and /boot.
  Updated the INSTALL file.  Fixed 'rm vi' in
  Improved handling of user's .profile and .bashrc.

  updated INSTALL file and posted to website. Renamed
  to  Cleaned up files in tarball, removing older ones.

2011-10-19 - beta 12
  added to the iso image to automate the
  post-Slackware setup installation.  Updated the INSTALL
  file. Fixes made in

2011-10-19 - beta 11
  includes ISO for iso install and beta tarball for
  installing by hand.  Updates on lynx_bookmarks.html
  and the cheix_* scripts.

2011-09-20 - beta 10
  cheix_secure sets chxhome bookmark in tmpfs so that
  the bookmarks do not reside on the USB in skel

2011-08-30 - beta 09
  cheix_storage no longer writes to anything but tmpfs
  unless requested

2011-08-29 - beta 08
  refinements to cheix_home and cheix_storage

2011-08-24 - beta 07
  minor changes to INSTALL file
  posted INSTALL on web site for google_translate

2011-08-22 - beta 06
  fixed two errors in cheix_storage

2011-08-22 - beta 05
  fixed handling of final "/" in cheix_home

2011-08-22 - beta 04
  improvements in cheix_home and cheix_storage
  updated docs for same

2011-08-21 - beta 03
  fixed misplaced "exit" in cheix_home

2011-08-21 - beta 02 setting bins 0755
  checking for root user in cheix_admin
  added cheix_home and cheix_storage to /usr/local/bin

2011-08-20 - beta 01
  rewrote INSTALL
  kept INSTALL.alpha as old_alpha_install for reference
  updated GUST list file

---------------- ALPHA RELEASES ---------------------  
  fixed minimal printer stack

# printer (not for basic cheix)

  added cheix_admin script and its docs in docs/admin.html

  created /usr/local/docs and began Cheix USB documentation
  former /root/docs divided into /root/rc_scripts and

  stopped using swap, removed entry in fstab and rc.S

  added freememd and screenrc entries to monitor free memory

  doc sync release.  Contents of /root/docs now contain all
  that is required (except a couple of optional pkgs available
  in Downloads) to create the alpha image.

  /etc/fstab: mounting third partition as /storage, not /home
  /home mounted in tmpfs, /storage/skel is moved to /home/user
    on boot.  User has rw access to /storage
  /etc/rc.d/rc.[S0/6] make this work

    / and /boot lines change "default" to "default,ro" and end in "0  0"
    commented out power saving, updating font indexes, ntpd,
    hunt, icon and mime update, wicd, gtk, cron, at, quota,
    sendmail, mysql, apache
    commented out clock
  Moved the following to /var/etc, linked back in to /etc
    lynx.cfg (a useful one is in ~/docs)

2011-06-12 NOTE
  Building this project without encrytion has turned out to
  be impossible.  Lynx and wget both require openssl.  So really
  any modern usable image will have to have encryption.
  Cheix USB will simply include it from now on.

2011-06-12 alpha-04
    commented out motd
    added cheix init
    commented out ldconfig
    added archiving of /root
  Altered rc.[SM6] so that the image is in a simulated state
  of readonly root fs.  Two biggest dirs in /var moved to
  /cheixusb where they will be altered only when the pkgtools
  wrapper is used.

2011-06-11 alpha-03
  Cheix is now a standard, minimized Slackware 13.37 install
  based on sous-marin's sm-13.37-11.gust.  The current install
  simulates a 500Mb USB with a normal HD installation.  Instructions
  in dist's INSTALL file.  Further ChangeLog entries will refer
  to this installation.

  (turtle was a BusyBox initrd based on Slackware's installer)

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